Professional Photography Benefits Your Brand
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June 10, 2016
By Ridgeway Portrait Design
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Professional Photography Benefits Your Brand

There is just no substitute for an experienced, professional photographer. John Ridgeway has years of experience in lighting, staging, and shooting everything from people to buildings, food to shoes and everything in between. Over the years we’ve seen first-hand how excellent photos add an extra oomph to branding and marketing.


1. Stand Out 

These days the quality photography is widely available to everyone with a computer, but stock photography can only take you so far. Walk any tradeshow floor or flip through an industry magazine and you’ll likely see a photo of business men shaking hands or the generic group of enthusiastic people. Eventually it all starts to look the same. Photography customized to your business and your brand will get you noticed. 

2. Show Them What You Do 

Potential customers want to visually connect with your business. Your imagery can let them know you’re a business with real people and real products or services. If you’re a distributor, there’s no substitute for enticing shots of your products. If you’re a landscaper or home remodeler, show them beautiful images of your past projects. If you’re a sales company, show your salesmen in action. This type of visual branding will also help people instantly understand what you do or what your marketing message is. 

3. Put a Face to the Name 

Personalize the connection whenever possible. If you’re a small business owner or any other point of contact for the customer, a headshot can add authenticity and humanize your marketing efforts. Add a professional executive portrait to all your elemental points of contact such as LinkedIn, your website, social media, online business profiles, business cards and even your email footer. 




4. Build Trust 

Photography showcasing your business, employees, or products can help build trust. Businesses which present themselves in a professional, polished manner immediately appear more reputable in the eyes of customers — especially if you’re using professional custom photography and your competition is not. 

5. Evoke an Emotional Response 

People are naturally visual and naturally curious. Psychology and marketing go hand in hand. If you can evoke and emotional connection or repose with you marketing message, there is a better chance it will stick with customers. Use photography to tell a visual story about your business or show off your new product in it’s best light. 

6. Wise Investment 

Think of all places you can use the photos you’ve invested in — social media, websites, blog posts, brochures, ads, webinars, presentations, newsletters and more. When photography is done well, and touched up correctly, it should be something that you use many times over. Often times, professional photography is more affordable than you think, and any experienced pro can scale a project to fit with reasonable budget constraints.


Post by- John Ridgeway

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