Saving Puppies 1 Louie At A Time
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February 24, 2014
By Cheryl Ridgeway
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This blog post is motivated by slop estyle skiing silver medalist, Gus Kenworthy and his quest to save many of the stray dogs in Sochi. Many of you know our story about Louie (our 4 1/2 year old Maltipoo) and how he came into our lives, but for those who haven't it's a sweet story and I feel impelled to tell it again in hopes that it can inspire someone to adopt a dog. It's the best thing I have ever done.

When John and I first met John made it no secret that he was not fond of dogs. He says it was because he was a paper boy when he was a kid and was attacked and bitten by more than a few dogs. I can understand that; I was bitten by my aunt's large dog when I was a kid and am still leary of bigger dogs because of that. Growing up we always had a dog. My dad loved dogs and while they were the family pet, I really never fell in love with any of them. So, fast forward to my courtship with John.

I was completely fine with not having a dog for many years. I didn't want the commitment; I didn't think it appropriate to have a dog at the studio, blah, blah, blah. However, about 13 or 14 years ago I started really wanting a dog, but out of respect for John I just wouldn't let myself go there, but found myself dropping hints and saying things like, "how could you not love that little face" and popping in to the pet stores just to look at the little dogs.

Bonnie I guess I just kept talking about it to my family and friends and my niece went online one day and started looking at puppies and showed me a photograph of this cute little puppy for adoption and her name was Bonnie (see picture at right) and she was a little white Maltipoo. I actually took that photo and made it my phone's screen saver. At the same time a friend was convincing me that I should do it and John somewhat (not really) agreed. I told him he didn't have to do anything. I would get up in the middle of the night and take the puppy out to  potty and I would train it, etc. He really did not want this to happen, but I did, so I decided to go and look at this cute little girl named Bonnie. John would not go with me, but my friend did and I just loved her. After I did all the paperwork & adopted her they took her back to give her a bath and clean her all up to go to her new home, but after a long wait, I started to think something was wrong and out came the lady without my new puppy. She said that her incision from her spading looked infected and they wanted the vet to look at her before releasing her. So I had to wait another day to bring her home. In the meantime, I went home disappointed, but happy that I finally, made the decision. Complications happened to poor Bonnie and I was notified that they would refund my money and that when she was better they would notify me and I could adopt her then. I was crushed! Just crushed! A few hours later the lady from the rescue called me and asked me if I was aware that Bonnie had a brother named Billie; I was not. I went back that next day and they brought out Billie for me to hold and look at; I immediately fell in love with this Louie & Mom meeting the first time little dog (see right photo). He just looked at me and I was hooked. I had to bring this little bundle of cuteness home with me. But, what about Bonnie, you ask. Well, I still had the first right of purchase when she was up for adoption again. I had every intention of adopting her, but after a week of having a new puppy, I freaked out thinking about having 2 of them and let her go to another loving home.

Billie was promptly renamed Louie Vuitton, aka, Louie. To this day I regret not adopting his sister, but at the time I wasn't sure that I could handle two and the fact that I got one and John was not fond of dogs, I decided that overall I had made the right decision that day. By the way, John is in love with Louie. I didn't think after 25 years of marriage I could be surprised by him, but I am and love that he loves our little, Louie as much as I do.

Louie & Mommy

Every day I say that we should get Louie a sister or brother and then after reading the story about Gus Kenworthy and his mission to save these dogs in Sochi, makes me want to go and give another dog a wonderful home and loving humans that he or she can manipulate. I read Gus' story online through Glamour magazine and you can read it by clicking here.

I would love to hear your stories of how you or someone you know saved a dog's life by rescuing them. I feel so happy to have done this and will adopt again. I tell people all of the time that I used to make fun of people like me when I didn't have a dog. LOL! Well, now I am worse than most. My poor dog has parents that have a business that can exploit his cuteness and put him on social media. Please feel free to exploit you little bundle of happiness and be sure to tell us the name.

Please feel free to share this post. Maybe then we can help a few more pups find homes.

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