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April 04, 2014
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Happy Friday, everyone! It has been quite the week here at Ridgeway Portrait Design and one of the main reasons is for our Kid's Photo Contest. Before I give you the update on the top 5 vote getters, so far, I want to explain about the contest. I've had a few people ask, so I thought maybe we should clarify.

In February of this year, we were slow on sessions that were booked and John was getting sick of working on the computer and was bored. So that is reason #1. Reason #2 is that I thought it was time to replace our 4 out 5 of our may display portraits that hang on the wall and first thing you see as you walk into the studio. I sold the existing displays to the parents or people who the displays were of. Now, we had bare walls and we wanted a children's portrait as one of the displays. We decided that a photo contest would be fun...John would get to photograph more, the people who participate would have fun and get Ridgeway portraits for less and we would get 1 of our 4 displays decided.

You didn't have to be anyone special; we didn't hand-pick anyone; it was just to have some fun and anyone could have entered. Many people don't know that John is amazing with children. As a matter of fact, if he could only choose one subject line to photograph it would be children. Obviously, I think he is a great photographer with any age, but kids love him. He reads them perfectly and after 25 years of photographing them, it's rare that he has one that he can't capture their rare and unique essence.

On to the update. Everyone here at Ridgeway was stunned that in the first 2 days there were 602 votes cast. 602!!!! That is incredible. We have until next Wednesday (April 9th) to find out who the winner will be, but I can tell you that it is fairly close.

The top 5 vote getters as of today (Friday, April 4th 12:30pm) are:

  • #16 Sully, #6 Kathryn, #19 Madalyn, #9 Ellie, and #2 Daphne


There is plenty of time to get more votes for these little cuties. Everyone has votes and just because I listed the top 5 doesn't mean they have to stay there, right? You can share this blog post with friends, we have links on facebook, instagram and twitter so be sure to utilize those outlets.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thanks for making what we do so much fun! To vote for your favorite click on the red button and you are your way to casting your vote.                      

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