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August 16, 2013
By Cheryl Ridgeway
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Spudich webRecently, I was with one of our clients helping her and her husband choose their family images for their home. Beautiful family; one I've know for a few years. Earlier this year we had scheduled their family portrait to be made when I got an email expressing panic that she wasn't ready for her session. She wasn't feeling good about how she looked and they had just lost their dog, who was a big part of their family. We completely understood and scheduled in July. There were several times throughout the photo session and the order session that she expressed that she didn't like seeing herself in photographs.

During this conversation we got talking about an article that she read and it made her realize that she was being selfish by not wanting to be in the photographs. She emailed it to me and I wanted to share with you. Here's just a little of what this mom had to say:

"Come take pictures with me, Mommy," he yelled over the music, "in the photo booth!"

I hesitated. I avoid photographic evidence of my existence these days. To be honest, I avoid even mirrors. When I see myself in pictures, it makes me wince. I know I am far from alone; I know that many of my friends also avoid the camera.

It seems logical. We're sporting mama bodies and we're not as young as we used to be. We don't always have time to blow dry our hair, apply make-up, perhaps even bathe (ducking). The kids are so much cuter than we are; better to just take their pictures, we think."

Being in the portrait business, you can imagine how many times we have heard that before.007Oberbroeckling Family webNo one feels that they are photo-worthy and we just put things off because of it. When it comes to family, it's not about one person; it's about the family unit and a family unit is not complete without all the members. Read the rest of what this mom had to say in her blog and then call and schedule a time to have your family photos made and not one that a friend takes and puts on a disc. Have one taken by a profession who knows how to make everyone comfortable and knows how to pose a person and light them so that they look their very best. 

Thanks once again for joining me for our little Ridgeway chat. If you have any topics or problems you would like to talk about, please let me know. Have a great day and give your family big hugs.   ~Cheryl 

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