Family Photography & It's Legacy
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December 15, 2013
By Cheryl Ridgeway
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'Tis the season for family photography. This time of the year is always busy at Ridgeway Portrait Design with families wanting to get their family's portrait done while everyone is at home. This year was no different; we had a record numer of families in this last quarter and we thought it would be nice to feature a few of our clients who have been in recently.

The first of features is the Johnson family. They have been having their family portrait taken every two years for over 10 years. I wish I could find some of the older portraits, but I do have the last 3 portraits; the last one taken this fall. 

Steve has his own business doing gutters and siding; Kristen is a nurse and Jacob is their 12 year old son. We are honored that they travel so far to be photographed.

This is why we do what we do. Family. It's what life is all about. We love the Johnsons and are happy to be featuring their last 3 portraits for you. 

family portrait Johnson, K.Don't let the opportunity to have your family's portrait done soon. We know how hard it is to get everyone together, but it is so important to do so. I treasure all of my family photos. My niece & nephews grew up in Germany & photos are the only thing that allowed me to keep up with their growth & maturing. It made me sad to have missed my nephew, Brenden's, senior homecoming & graduation. He's back now going to SIU-Edwardsville, but still, I'm missing his brother and sister's growing up. That family photography keeps me feeling a part of their lives and having them displayed in my home made me realize how lucky I am to have such a great family.

Johnson family Portrait      I understand that everyone has a camera & can snap a quick shot of everyone, but investing in a family photography and displaying it proudly in your home where you can just look at it any time you want is priceless.

Do you miss Grandma or Grandpa? Do you have a portrait displayed somewhere in your home that you can just go look at?

Are you missing those kids that are off to college? I catch myself just looking at my family photograps from time to time and realize that I am very lucky to have them.

Let yourself and your family enjoy a professional photograph them. John can make everyone look great individually as well as part of a wonderful group.



 Johnson family picture


After the first of the year when all of the holidays are over and you are winding down, think about planning your family's photography session. We'd love to help you plan it out.

Don't put off one of the most important things for your family's history.

Call me at 618-288-9000 to chat about it or schedule your session by clicking on the schedule button that is at the top of this page.


What are some of the ideas you have for your family photography? Let's share some ideas and maybe help someone here get ideas for their family picture. Just comment below. 

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