7 Ages of Childrens Photography
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November 05, 2014
By Cheryl Ridgeway
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Someday the child you hold now will want to tell your grandchild what  it was like when he or she was growing up. Imagine how wonderful it would be to have a beautiful album of priceless images of that  childhood to pass down to future generations.

Many clients tell us they regret not having more of their childrens portraits made as they grew up. It's not that they didn't value childrens photography, they simply led busy lives and the years just slipped by. That's why we've created a structured plan to help parents recognize the most important times to have their children photographed.The "7 Ages of Childhood" - times that mark the most significant changes along the path from infancy to young adulthood. 

  • 1. Baby's First Year... a time when the changes occur week by week
  • 2. Age 2... an age of many moods
  • 3. Age 3... ready to meet the world
  • 4. Age 4 to 5... attitude and interests
  • 5. Age 6 to 8... milestones and passions
  • 6. Age 9 to 12... searching, finding
  • 7. Age 13 to 15... previews of promise


Clothing style, and prop selection can affect the artistic success of any portrait.

As the statements below illustrates, whatever the age or style, simple garments photograph best.

Infant and Toddlers... Little ones photograph best in simple clothing that doesn't overpower their delicate features. Whites and pastels are classic choices, and casual play clothing works well for older babies. This also is a great time for no clothes at all!!

Children... A child's personality can shine in understated clothing outfits and props that express their personality and favorite playtime activities.

Pre-Teens and Teens... Clothing, locations, and props that show moods, activities and achievements are good choices for these ages.

Siblings and Families... When more than one person is in the portrait, clothing must be coordinated so that it stays within the same style and tonal range.


Baby's First Year composite

At no time in your child's life will changes occur so rapidly than they do during the first year & early child- hood years that follow. In what seems like the blink of an eye, a tiny helpless bundle is transformed into an active, robust, & inquisitive youngster.

These changes have already begun! So it's not too soon to call for your baby's first studio appoint-ment. We'll explain the many charming possibilities for capturing the develop-mental stages of the first year & beyond.

Baby's first year is the perfect time for your first family portrait or to capture the young family-or to create the ultimate heir-loom:  the multi-generation portrait.

Preserve the wonder of infancy in a "Baby's First Year" portrait collection (see above). that captures your child's first milestones... from birth... to sitting up... to crawiling... and finally, the independence of walking. This lovely "portrait story" can become the first chapter of your child's personal portrait history.

 A Baby Today...A Child Tomorrow

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