High School Seniors

Class of 2018, this will be your...

Best Year Ever

Senior portraits are a big deal. Finally, it’s your turn! It has been nearly, seventeen years in the making. Who you are at this point in your life, as you transition to adulthood, should be captured and preserved.

Why trust this moment to anyone with a camera? You don’t want to remember this time with something that looks like a snapshot, do you? You want something that captures not only your outward appearance, but who you are as well. Strive for something that will stand the test of time and last for decades.

At Ridgeway, our passion goes far beyond photography. To John, it is more than a hobby or even a job. He lives to bring out the best that resides in each and every senior he photographs. He has dedicated years into learning how to create magazine quality images of you, while giving you an experience that will be a highlight of your senior year.

Photographers are not created equal. We encourage you to compare Ridgeway images to others. You will see the difference.

We are portrait designers. We find out who our seniors are, and who they want to be. We provide a pampered experience resulting in artistic images overflowing with your personality. Then we work to create a set of images that both you and your parents will treasure for years.

Let Ridgeway Portrait Design be the studio for your senior photos! Match your style & personality with one of our senior photo sessions.