Group Photographs

Group - Team Photographs

Show your team’s commitment in a group photograph

Great for lobbies and waiting rooms. Perfect for company brochures and financial reports.

Group photos can be done classically inside a studio, somewhere picturesque, or in front of your business, featuring your company sign or logo. The fun part is getting creative with the collective energies of everyone in the group and coming up with a shot of people who share common ideals, who work best when they are together as a team.

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The Group Photo that is able to be updated expanded or reduced and everyone looks great!

Did you know that group photos can be taken separately and then combined for the perfect shot? This may save employees time as they can come at their convenience to get their picture taken, versus having to schedule a time when everyone can make it to the photo shoot.

The biggest mistake a Company or Real Estate Agency can make is leaving tired, outdated images on their website featuring images of company members who no longer work there! Ridgeway Portrait Design has the ultimate solution for keeping your group photos easily updated.

Imagine always having current images of your people on your website, corporate brochures or e-newsletters. The possibilities are endless when building team photos that present a dedicated, unified group that is aligned with your firm’s image. Impress your clients by showing your firm’s polished image of a unified, stable up to date corporate team.

  • No more scheduling problems, they don’t all need to be in the studio at the same time!
  • Additional or replacement staff members can be individually photographed at any time, we do the work for you!
  • Your team photographs are always up to date!
  • Everyone looks like they were photographed together at the same time!
  • When someone resigns or joins the business, they are easily added or removed from the photo.

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